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Güneş enerjisi


With over 10 years of experience in the energy sector and knowledge from our renewable energy activities, we provide consultancy and turnkey project services at home and abroad.

As BME Energy , it is our first priority to reflect the trust and care that comes from the BME brand in our products and services to our investors and partners.

Choosing the right equipment and the right partner is the most important decision you have to make when planning your solar and other sustainable energy investment. Your facility will be able to operate with maximum performance thanks to the best service and equipment that suits your needs. In this way, the return time of your investment will be minimal.

Yenilenebilir enerji

While the installed power of the power plants for which it provides installation services in Turkey has so far reached 60 MW, the projects we have developed have reached a portfolio of 312 MW.

We continue our overseas project development and installation activities, mainly in the UK and the European Union region.

Since our management approach strives to develop its activities in the field of renewable energy together with all its sub-sectors, we also make medium and long-term investment plans for renewable energy sources such as solar energy, biogas and wind energy.


  • Appropriate Land Selection

  • Determining the distance to the existing tension line and choosing the appropriate land for the optimum distance

  • Evaluation of climatic and meteorological conditions

  • Conditions in accordance with the relevant legislation evaluation

  • Making relevant technical measurements

  • Preparation of production simulations

  • Project cash flow and financial modeling

  • Preparation and submission of applications to relevant institutions for permits

  • Permission tracking process

  • Finalizing the licensing process and bringing the project to investment grade

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