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İnşaat Mühendisleri


As BME ENERJİ , in addition to our installation and engineering services, we also undertake maintenance services so that solar power plants remain in active operation and achieve maximum performance.

The switchboards we undertake to install on a turnkey basis have lower maintenance and service requirements compared to many switchboards. However, maintenance and repair activities must be carried out comprehensively in order to achieve the expected production values, to ensure a longer life of the power plant and to shorten the return on investment.

Thanks to the technical knowledge, experience and expertise of our operation and maintenance teams, we aim to increase the profits of our investors in the long term with our integrated maintenance and repair activities that we offer to our investors.

BME ENERJİ has undertaken the operation & maintenance processes of the projects it has developed. 

For this, it employs competent personnel located in the project locations.

In solar power plants, it is at least as important as the installation itself in order to increase energy production, reduce maintenance costs and optimize expenses.

  • Production-oriented O&M processes

  • Production guarantee for the life of the project

  • Material guarantee for the life of the project

  • Guaranteed turnaround times

  • annual inspection

are the services we offer.

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