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As BME ENERJİ , as a reliable EPC contractor, we offer a full range of services in the fields of solar power plants (GES), wind power plants (WPP), hydroelectric power plants (HEPP) and building projects.

BME ENERJİ, which has the capacity to provide services in a wide portfolio, has the ability to complete turnkey alternative energy systems. All this, turnkey, lump sum

We complete the Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) commitment and successfully undertake the post-installation commissioning operation process.

As BME ENERJİ, we carry out our quality-centered activities in the EPC process, which is one of the important points in the continuity and performance of the investment, and we follow up all engineering activities and bureaucratic processes with our expert engineer staff.

Our expert teams have adopted it as a principle to offer the most accurate, efficient and feasibility system for our investors in all the planning, production analysis calculations, application and engineering and installation processes related to the projects. 








We undertake the management of all processes of the project for the successful commissioning of the power plant.

As BME ENERJİ , in the projects where we transfer our knowledge and experience in the field of renewable energy to our investors; 

  • Benefit cost control and reporting of the existing project

  • Initiation of the redesign process if necessary

  • Selection of materials and equipment that will provide optimum efficiency and cost

  • Determination of construction technique

  • Initiation and certification of the quality control process of the materials and equipment to be produced through third party inspectors

  • Determination of work planning and construction methodology

  • On-site and off-site construction process

  • Completion of the provisional admission process

  • Completion of the warranty and certification process

  • Turnkey

are the services we offer.

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